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Travel accross the sands. A celebration like no other.

A carnival of colours, music and dance the Rann Utsav – bedecks this arid land of Kutch at its best. As the full moon pays its most spectacular visit in the winter the entire Kutch brims with festivities that mirror the self and spirit of this land. It is an annually organized festival where travelers can sovour the euphoria of Gujarati folk dance, camel safari, tents stay and live musical feasts, all set in the romantic ambience of moonlit landscape.

The Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited (TCGL), set up in 1975, provides comprehensive travel services to visitors to the state. Rann Utsav is one such carefully-nurtured property that brings the "White Rann Experience" to the world.

Introduced in 2005 to put Gujarat on the global tourism map, last year TCGL privatised the desert carnival and appointed White Rann Camping and Hospitality (An initiative of Lallooji & Sons, Ahmedabad-based leading events and exhibitions service provider), as an operator for a period of five years under the Private Public Partnership (PPP) model.

Earlier a three-day event, this is now a three months' non-stop celebration from Dec to Feb. for which bookings have already started. Going by the massive scale and ever expanding footfalls at the event, outsourcing hospitality, infrastructures and amenities, besides travel, to private operator has given TCGL the opportunity to run and organize Rann Utsav more professionally.

Last year, around 12,000 tourists, including foreign travellers, visited Rann Utsav. Features such as thematically designed air-conditioned reception area with classy waiting lounge and children activity area, traditional dining hall, luxurious tent accommodations, sports and adventure activities, evening cultural programmes besides friendly hospitality are the most popular elements of Rann Utsav.

What's in a name?

The Soul of a Land....

Kutch derives its name from the Kutchi word "Kutchbo" that means turtle.

If you were to study the atlas, this exotic stretch of the Western Ghats is shaped like a turtle.

Nowhere in this wide world will you find a counterpart to this amazing piece of topography that is so amphibian that it turns marshy during the monsoons and then back to its brilliant white glory during the winters and summers!

That's when it begins to buzz and burst with celebration of life.